Day Care


Pick up is from 9.00am / 9.30am

Drop off is 4.00pm / 4.30pm

This will include a morning and afternoon walk.

  £22.00 per day (2 days or less a week)

£20.00 per day (3 days or more a week)              

 Earlier pickups and later drop offs can be arranged on request £5


Pack Walks


  Pack walk £11.00 (2 walks or less a week)

  Pack walk £10.00 (3 walks or more a week)

  All are pack walks consist of no more than 4 dogs

  Additional dog from same household £7.00

  We can also arrange solo walks for the more anxious or nervous Dog £18


 Home Boarding


Single Dog £25.00 Additional dog from same household £10.00

  For you to avoid any disappointment, please book well in advance. 

We work on first come, first served basis.


 Puppy/Cat Visits


 15 minutes £10.00

 30 minutes £15.00

60 minutes £25.00

2 X 15 minutes (same day) £18.00


Transport (this is based on the local area) 


Vet Visit (to or from) £15.00 

 Groomer visit (to or from) £15.00

 Boarding collection (to and from) £15.00

 Food/meds collection £15.00


 Prices are subject to change during public holidays.


 Lucy Eldred recommends Freedom Forest. August 9, 2018 · Freedom Forest provides a great service and I thoroughly recommend to any dog owners. Jaqcueline is reliable, passionate and experienced as a dog walker and carer. She takes the time to get to know you and your dog and will work with you to understand what service would best suit your needs. She uses positive training techniques and builds a strong bond with her dogs. Our Rottweiler, Bunker, is totally smitten and loves walking with her!